The Omnia camping oven in the motorhome

Auflauf mit geschmolzenem Käse im Omnia Camping Backofen

For cooking, there is hardly anything better than a gas stove. However, in the camper, in the vast majority of cases, it is limited to two burners without an oven. This is the problem that the Omnia camping oven tries to solve. You put it on a gas hob and due to the construction of the hole in the middle and the lid, it also produces the top heat typical of baking.

More and more campers are switching to induction cooktops in light of better availability and increasingly affordable solar power supplies. Even a small oven can sometimes be powered by electricity in this way. However, if you want to cook “traditionally” with gas, there is usually the problem that there is no oven to make a casserole or fries. This is where the Omnia camping oven comes in. It is placed on a cooking flame and is capable of producing oven-like results. A good example is our homemade rolls from the Omnia oven with avocado cottage cheese topping.

Omnia camping oven set with grid and silicone mold

In addition, our Omnia set* includes a grid, for example for reheating rolls, and a silicone mold. Especially the latter is worth its weight in gold and is in standard use at our company. Nothing bakes on, it’s great for cleaning, and it protects the contents from contact with the aluminum that makes up the Omni.

Attention aluminum! Better to use with silicone mold

Acidic foods, such as tomato sauce, but also dairy products, can dissolve ions from the aluminum and should therefore not come into contact with uncoated aluminum, as Verbaucherzentrale also writes in its article on aluminum foil. If the food has only short contact with aluminum and if products stored or cooked in aluminum are consumed only rarely, the risk is manageable. However, if you are unsure, choose – in addition to the other advantages mentioned above – the safe option with the silicone mold.

There is also a thermometer that can be screwed into the lid, similar to a barbecue thermometer. However, I have not missed that so far.

Cooking times and temperatures with the Omnia camping oven

As for the cooking time in the Omnia Camping Oven, here’s how I do it: For the first five to 15 minutes, I set the stovetop to the highest setting. Then the contents are cooked for 20-50 minutes and finally – especially for recipes topped with cheese – I turn it up to the highest setting for another five to ten minutes to achieve the desired browning. You notice: The margins are quite large and strongly depend on the concrete content of the omnia. Unfortunately, the only thing that helps here is trying things out and gaining experience. But this happens relatively quickly. Especially in the middle (cooking) phase, it helps to lift the lid every now and then and see how it develops. But if the lid is opened too often, all the top heat escapes. So have faith in the Omnia and hold back a bit on too many nervous glances.

Casserole with cheese baked in Omnia camping oven

Conclusion about the Omnia

All in all, the Omnia Camping Oven is a great little gadget that adds a significant facet to the possibilities in the RV. Unfortunately, it is not quite cheap and it also needs a certain training period, but we have learned to love it – especially in combination with the silicone mold – and no longer want to miss it in the kitchen cabinet.

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